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eCommerce Marketing Trends and Predictions in 2016

Posted on 12th January 2016, by Kunle Campbell in Strategy

The ecommerce landscape was incredibly exciting and dynamic in 2015. Social media and mobile commerce really took off and are now at the verge of maturity. A lot more focus was placed on conversion rate optimisation by ecommerce managers and all major technology providers announced either ecommerce specific features or products dedicated to online retail. Here is a summary of some major announcements: The new Apple TV supports online shopping using its e-commerce apps Facebook introduced Facebook messenger for business to a limited


Why SEO will NOT Grow your Fashion Ecommerce Business

Posted on 7th December 2015, by Kunle Campbell in Strategy, Traffic

The Fashion industry is tough and arguably as saturated as the music industry. This is partly because EVERYONE now seems to have a ‘clothing company’…be it a t-shirt business or a fashion ecommerce business. You most likely know at least one owner or founder of a fashion brand or fashion online retail business.  Fashion is so pervasive due to the primary function clothing and design play in our lives on a day-to-day basis. Competition as a result is rife and digital marketing channels such as Search reflect the


How UX Directly Affects SEO Visibility in Ecommerce

Posted on 18th September 2015, by Kunle Campbell in eCommerce UX / UI

This article is an extract  from my soon to launch  eCommerce Technical SEO course – it is part of the Ecommerce UX  Module.  Whilst the core objective of SEO is to drive and attract visitors to your website/Ecommerce store from search engines; the baton is handed over to User Experience (UX) when visitors arrive. The core objective of UX is to create an atmosphere and experience that nudges visitors/shoppers (split by personas) to take specific actions (as defined in customer journeys); pique their interests by


5 Ways of Using the URGENCY Psychology Trigger to Drive More eCommerce Sales

Posted on 24th February 2015, by Kunle Campbell in CRO, UX & Site Functionality

Urgency is quite a powerful psychological tool to encourage and trigger purchase. Urgency is also a key way of overcoming sales objections. Building it into sales pitches is marketing and salesmanship 101. Building it into sales is almost the point of a sale – just look at the recent furore over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with their limited-time-only sales triggering scenes of customers stay up all night in queues to get in first and grab those bargains quick. If you manage an ecommerce site, how


Valentines Day Marketing Campaigns of 30 UK Multichannel Retailers

Posted on 17th February 2015, by Kunle Campbell in eCommerce UX / UI, Strategy

Over the weekend, I was curious to find out how top UK retailers executed their Valentines Day digital marketing campaigns. So I checked out the Valentine’s Day landing page of 30 multichannel retailers, took notes on any special features in their valentines day campaigns and also took notes their URLs (for SEO). I hope this article forms a reference point for other retailers’ valentines day digital marketing campaigns in the future. House of Fraser Amazon UK Argos Boots John Lewis Debenhams Marks & Spencer Asda


Online Retail: Cross-Channel, Multi-Channel, Omni-Channel Marketing

Posted on 22nd December 2014, by Kunle Campbell in Strategy Cross Channel vs Multi-Channel vs Omni-Channel

Businesses are moving toward a cross-channel or multi-channel approach to sales. But what do these much-bandied terms really mean, and more importantly, are they what customers really want? The majority of customers say they want a seamlessly integrated shopping experience, where the same purchase can be completed over multiple channels without obstructions or jarring changes between channels. And an equally large majority of retailers aren’t getting it. This seamless experience is called omni-channel selling, and that’s what we’re going to


5 Psychology Backed Principles that Influence eCommerce Visitors to Becoming Customers

Posted on 9th December 2014, by Kunle Campbell in CRO

The pace of technological change in digital marketing can run the risk of blinding us to a central fact about what we do: while the methods of asking have changed, the questions we’re asking and the people we’re asking, haven’t really changed for centuries. As eCommerce marketers, our job is to ask people who might already want to say yes i.e. site visitors, whether they’d like to buy something. Ways to get people to answer your questions with ‘yes’ deserves investigating.


Facebook Page Setup Guide for Multi-Location Retailers & Franchise Businesses

Posted on 26th November 2014, by Kunle Campbell in Social Media

If you manage social media for a national/international retail brand or a franchise business with stores across multiple locations, a point most social media managers miss is that just like Google Local Google My Business,  Facebook allows multi-location and franchise businesses to set up interconnected local Facebook pages for each location or branch. This post aims to provide a step-by-step Facebook page setup guide for retailers and other businesses that operate in multiple locations. The Parent-child structure The first concept to get to grasp with is the Parent-child structure


Magento Robots.txt SEO Friendly Set Up Guide for CE and Enterprise Edition

Posted on 29th October 2014, by Kunle Campbell in Technical SEO

If you run or manage a Magento store, then you need to be aware of Google’s latest advice on optimal indexation and their launch of rendering-based indexation that enables Google crawl and index pages like a typical modern browser, with CSS and JavaScript turned on. Directly quoting Google’s engineer, Pierre Far: Disallowing crawling of Javascript or CSS files in your site’s robots.txt directly harms how well our algorithms render and index your content and can result in suboptimal rankings. My previous advice


The 3 Types of Listicles Content Marketers Can Learn from BuzzFeed

Posted on 28th October 2014, by Kunle Campbell in Content Marketing for eCommerce 3 Listicle Types to Learn from BuzzFeed

There is something about articles formated in a list format that begin with numbers  – people just seem to effortlessly consume, like, read and share them more. Publishing and Media companies have capitalised on the list format for decades, if not the last century. Reader’s Digest, Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan,  and other magazines were publishing ‘list-articles’ way back, before the internet was even around. Even the Bible’s ’10 Commandments’ are a list. Buzzfeed has proved that the Listicle List-article format works in a


The Need for Retailers to Improve Data Quality

Posted on 22nd March 2018, by Chris Boaz in Strategy

Many retailers still don’t understand the real consequences of dirty data – both in terms of financial loss and damaged reputations. And they often underestimate how much this can damage their business – and affect their customers. Having worked with a huge range of companies over the last two decades, the team at PCA Predict was inspired to find out exactly how much poor data quality really costs businesses. In our recent report – Fixing Failed Deliveries: Improving Data Quality


How to Extend a Marketplace Only Business to Sell on an Ecommerce Website

Posted on 31st May 2016, by Richard Protheroe in Marketplaces

The biggest criticism of marketplace online retailers is that they are far too complacent. I’ve seen it first hand, there are an abundance of powersellers on eBay who are stuck in their comfort zone and refuse to branch out. It can be understandable though, you’ve mastered a specific marketplace, you have your customer base and you don’t have the time or resources to kick start your own webstore. You may find yourself asking, what challenges will I face with setting up


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