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The Importance of Google Shopping in Fashion eCommerce

Posted on 27th December 2016, by Kunle Campbell in Traffic

Hello, guys, this is Kunle Campbell of the 2x eCommerce podcast, welcome to the show, this podcast is dedicated to strategic growth for online retailers…. Read more


Using Direct Marketing Principles To Sell More On Amazon w/ Kevin King

Posted on 22nd December 2016, by Kunle Campbell in Traffic

On this episodes of the Physical Product Business Podcast, I interview Kevin King –  a physical product Amazon entrepreneurs currently turning over over $1 million / year… Read more


Lifted Liquids Grew from 0 to a 6-Figure a Month in Revenue Product Business in 18 Months!

Posted on 15th December 2016, by Kunle Campbell in Traffic

Hi, and welcome to another Physical Product Podcast. In this episode, I have with me Nick Warrender, a millennial serial entrepreneur and the founder of… Read more


Brand Authenticity, Selling Direct to Consumer and Gaining PR Traction – Oliver Cabell

Posted on 8th December 2016, by Kunle Campbell in Traffic

Hi everybody, welcome to the Physical Product Podcast, part of the 2x eCommerce podcast and today, we’re going to be talking about brand authenticity and… Read more


How Bikini Luxe Drive Sales from Social Media Content and Influencers w/ Candice Galek

Posted on 26th February 2016, by Kunle Campbell in Traffic

Candice Galek, who is also fondly known as the ‘Bikini Geek’, is the founder of Bikini Luxe, online retailers specialising in designer bikinis, women’s fashion… Read more


Influencer Marketing on Instagram for Ecommerce Brands

Posted on 24th February 2016, by Kunle Campbell in Traffic

Today I’m joined by Instagram expert Simon Heit, who is going to talk about influencer marketing on Instagram. Simon is the founder of IG Shoutout… Read more


Why SEO will NOT Grow your Fashion Ecommerce Business

Posted on 7th December 2015, by Kunle Campbell in Traffic

The Fashion industry is tough and arguably as saturated as the music industry. This is partly because EVERYONE now seems to have a ‘clothing company’…be it a t-shirt business or a fashion ecommerce business. You most likely know at least one owner or founder of a fashion brand or fashion online retail business.  Fashion is so pervasive due to the primary function clothing and design play in our lives on a day-to-day basis. Competition as a result is rife and digital marketing channels such as Search reflect the


Facebook Page Setup Guide for Multi-Location Retailers & Franchise Businesses

Posted on 26th November 2014, by Kunle Campbell in Traffic

If you manage social media for a national/international retail brand or a franchise business with stores across multiple locations, a point most social media managers miss is that just like Google Local Google My Business,  Facebook allows multi-location and franchise businesses to set up interconnected local Facebook pages for each location or branch. This post aims to provide a step-by-step Facebook page setup guide for retailers and other businesses that operate in multiple locations. The Parent-child structure The first concept to get to grasp with is the Parent-child structure


Magento Robots.txt SEO Friendly Set Up Guide for CE and Enterprise Edition

Posted on 29th October 2014, by Kunle Campbell in Traffic

If you run or manage a Magento store, then you need to be aware of Google’s latest advice on optimal indexation and their launch of rendering-based indexation that enables Google crawl and index pages like a typical modern browser, with CSS and JavaScript turned on. Directly quoting Google’s engineer, Pierre Far: Disallowing crawling of Javascript or CSS files in your site’s robots.txt directly harms how well our algorithms render and index your content and can result in suboptimal rankings. My previous advice


The 3 Types of Listicles Content Marketers Can Learn from BuzzFeed

Posted on 28th October 2014, by Kunle Campbell in Traffic 3 Listicle Types to Learn from BuzzFeed

There is something about articles formated in a list format that begin with numbers  – people just seem to effortlessly consume, like, read and share them more. Publishing and Media companies have capitalised on the list format for decades, if not the last century. Reader’s Digest, Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan,  and other magazines were publishing ‘list-articles’ way back, before the internet was even around. Even the Bible’s ’10 Commandments’ are a list. Buzzfeed has proved that the Listicle List-article format works in a