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Shopper Psychology at eCommerce Checkout [Infographic]

Posted on 20th March 2015, by Kunle Campbell in Infographic

This brilliant infographic put together by the VoucherCloud team sheds some light on key statistics and habits behind shoppers clicks throughout the eCommerce sales funnel. Key stats to bear in mind are: Site Speed Site speed: slow websites that load 3 second or more account for 57% cart abandonment 80% of shoppers that abandon their carts never come return Ecommerce Design, Images and Video 92.6% of shoppers attribute site design as a top influential factor affecting a purchase decision Shoppers take about


The New Face of SEO: How SEO Has Changed [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted on 25th November 2012, by Kunle Campbell in Infographic

Over the past 18 months, SEO processes as well as SEO strategy has immensely changed. Whilst SEO is still very much rooted as a technical discipline, a significant degree of SEO is verging more and more towards a creative and marketing mindset that touches the nerves of humans OR an audience that search engines are getting better at understanding. SEOs are starting to think about their audience first with engaging content before optimisation for search engines. I quite like the