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SMS Marketing Secret to 2X CLTV: Go Conversational

Posted on 19th December 2019, by Kunle Campbell in PR & New Media

In this episode, Kunle chats with Bogdan Constantin, Founder, and CEO at Voxie, a conversational commerce platform helping digital brands build relationships with their customers… Read more


eCommerce SEO and the impact of E-A-T with Marie Haynes

Posted on 14th March 2019, by Kunle Campbell in PR & New Media

On this episode, I am joined by Marie Haynes, an SEO expert that specialises in Google Penalty Recovery and Algorithm Consultation.  We talk about eCommerce… Read more


How Dhar Mann Grew LiveGlam from $600 to $20M In 3 Years

Posted on 25th January 2019, by Kunle Campbell in PR & New Media

On this episode, we interview the Founder of LiveGlam a beauty and make-up subscription box business that has rapidly grown to a $20M business in… Read more


Getting Earned Media and PR for Ecommerce w/ Adrian Salamunovic

Posted on 17th January 2019, by Kunle Campbell in PR & New Media

Adrian Salamunovic is the founder of CanvasPop, which was bootstrapped to 8-figures using mostly earned media and PR. He is now an advisor to a… Read more


Brand Authenticity, Selling Direct to Consumer and Gaining PR Traction – Oliver Cabell

Posted on 8th December 2016, by Kunle Campbell in PR & New Media

Hi everybody, welcome to the Physical Product Podcast, part of the 2x eCommerce podcast and today, we’re going to be talking about brand authenticity and… Read more


8 Highly Effective Tactics to Get PR Coverage for Ecommerce Products

Posted on 1st October 2014, by Kunle Campbell in PR & New Media

Press coverage for products in your store can be an extremely powerful way to reach your target demographic and drive up sales. It is also a great way to expose your products to a wider audience, so people remember seeing or hearing about your brand and product(s) from a news source they trust and recognise. The ideal way to achieve this will obviously vary with product, niche, and location, to name just a few variables. But all successful approaches have some principles in


How to Effectively Integrate PR with SEO and Content Marketing

Posted on 3rd February 2014, by Kunle Campbell in PR & New Media

Over the last few years, outreach SEO (or Link Building) and PR have witnessed a digital convergence.  The wild open ranges of old style grey and black hat SEO have to a significant extent been fenced off by Google updates intended to cut down on spammy sites that add little or no value (or even make sense); those black hats have mostly been hung up, and the few survivors are in their Butch Cassidy years.  PRs, meanwhile, are learning their