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EPISODE 232 37 mins

Creating Effective Video Ads

About the guests

Kunle Campbell

Kunle Campbell

Host of the 2X eCommerce Podcast Show.
Mentor to eCommerce exec teams.
eCommerce strategist with specialist focus in UX and media buying.

On today’s episode, Kunle goes deep into the subjects of emotional selling, developing video creatives and media buying scheduling. If you’re struggling with increasing your income and you wish to drive more sales into your funnel, then listen to Kunle as he goes into all the details on how you can build your brand equity and create effective ads that reinforce positive emotions and trigger purchase decisions.

A key factor in creating effective and successful video ads is by establishing rapport with your audience, and that only occurs if you’re able to passively inject emotions into your advertising strategy. Emotions help retrieve stored memories and form associations that are created by ads. Hence, to drive a potential consumer to hit that check out button entails relating to the consumer on a personal level and tapping on that cupboard of memories and positive feelings to stimulate an urge to buy.

So, if you’re truly eager to learn the secrets to emotional selling and double your sales through successful video ads, then tune in to this another episode of 2X eCommerce with Kunle.

Covered Topics:

  • How to Associate Emotions to Influence Purchase Behavior
  • Likable Ads
  • Incidental Learning in Advertising
  • Building Brand Equity
  • Brand Impression
  • Brand Recall
  • Ad Repetition
  • Media Planning
  • Effective Creatives

Podcast Show Notes:

  • 07:42 – Injecting emotions to advertising to influence purchase decisions
    • Emotions help stimulate and guide attention
    • Emotions create and reinforce associations created by advertising
  • 10:00 – Delivering positive emotions
    • 99% of the time good adverts deliver positive feel-good emotions
  • 10:44 – Example of advertising picturing the buyer as a “hero”
    • Ads that drive a message of feeling better
  • 12:00 – Example in eCommerce
    • Trainers
    • Luxury Watches
  • 14:26 – Dissecting a Rolex Ad
    • Craftsmanship
    • Exclusivity
    • Feelings of Accomplishment
    • Luxury
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  • 17:42 – It’s not too huge of an effort to sell that particular product, it’s the feelings that you need to communicate to your potential customers
    • Take that feeling and represent or evangelize that feeling in word of mouth.
  • 18:00 – Ads in Fast Fashion
  • 19:44 – Advertising should be Incidental Learning
    • Passive from the consumer standpoint but, deliberate on your standpoint
    • Brand Equity
    • Audience Relevance
  • 21:09 – Repetition of Ads
    • Helps establish memory more firmly
    • Duration and Frequency of exposure
  • 23:05 – How to do Ad Repetition
    • Existing Product (e.g. Coca-cola)
    • New Product
  • 24:46 – Infusing the direction of the emotion
    • Brand Impression
    • Brand Recall
    • Use of emotions to trigger memories
  • 26:54 – Building Brand Equity
    • Brand associations and stored memories
    • Likability of your ads
  • 29:19 – Media Buying and Effective Creatives
    • Using accumulated brand equity to trigger the desired action
  • 30:25 – Measuring Brand Equity
    • Brand Name Search vs. Competition – SEMrush
    • Frequency and Recency of Ads
  • 32:40 – Research

35:52 – Join the 2x Ecommerce Facebook Group

Topic Takeaways:

  • Advertising works by establishing feelings, brand associations, and memories in relation to a brand. It is essentially trying to get an association of memories to influence your potential consumers’ purchase behaviour.
  • Your ad should be able to stimulate positive feelings in order to prompt the desired action from your audience.
  • It’s not the amount of effort that you put into selling a particular product, it is the emotions that you need to communicate to your potential customers to be able to trigger the desired action.

Tweetable Quotes:

Advertising really is delivered learning. And it should be incidental learning in a passive way, whilst your media buying strategy should ensure audience relevance.

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About the host:

Kunle Campbell

An ecommerce advisor to ambitious, agile online retailers and funded ecommerce startups seeking exponentially sales growth through scalable customer acquisition, retention, conversion optimisation, product/market fit optimisation and customer referrals.

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