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EPISODE 254 82 mins

Scaling DTC Brand, LIV Watches with 4 Kickstarter Campaigns and FB Ads

About the guests

Sholom ‘Chaz’ Chazanow

Kunle Campbell

Co-Founder and CEO of LIV Watches, a DTC swiss watch micro-brand based in Miami, Florida. He co-founded the company in 2012 with his wife, Esti Chazanow, and has over 20 years of experience in the swiss watch industry.

On today’s episode, Kunle interviews Sholom ‘Chaz’ Chazanow, Co-Founder and CEO of LIV Watches, a DTC swiss watch micro-brand based in Miami, Florida. He co-founded the company in 2012 with his wife, Esti Chazanow, and has over 20 years of experience in the swiss watch industry.

Chaz shares his story of how he built a career around his life-long love of swiss watches. You will also get to hear about how he funded and scaled his company through 4 highly successful (7-figure!) Kickstarter campaigns. He shares his company’s customer success philosophy which has helped him achieve a 40% repeat-customer rate.

The focus of the conversation was to understand some of the marketing & branding strategies and tools used to grow his DTC brand. For those of you who are doing or thinking of doing a crowdfunding campaign, you’ll definitely want to listen to this one! You’ll get to hear about what it takes to make a success of your first and subsequent campaigns.

Here is a summary of some of the most important points made,

  • Investing a lot of passion and $10,000 on their 1st kickstarter campaign raising almost $200,000.
  • They have raised more than $3 million over 4 kickstarter campaigns.
  • They have built their customer base by focusing on building relationships and connections. This has helped them achieve a 40% repeat-customer rate.
  • Chaz spends nearly 40% of his day personally responding to fans and customers.
  • Email & SMS are their top 2 channels of communication.

Covered Topics:

On today’s interview Kunle and Chaz discuss,

  • How to get your DTC brand off the ground
  • Raising funds through kickstarter(s)
  • Preparing for Repeat crowdfunding campaigns
  • Creating customers who love to come back
  • Managing Press & Launches
  • Effective Marketing practices
  • Tech Stack


  • 00:02 – What to Expect from this episode
  • 07:38 – Meet Chaz Chazanow
    • Chaz quit school to pursue his passion of watches
    • He got in on the ground floor of the swiss watch industry and worked his way up
    • Frustrations of a decade-long ecommerce venture
    • Learnings from the growth of Amazon
  • 13:50 – Building a company that totally breaks the norms
    • The best selling LIV watch was the outcome of a design competition
    • You don’t need agencies to run your campaigns
    • “Stores are dead” – how the online-only approach made them Covid-ready well before Covid.
    • Kickstarter was the launch party for LIV watches.
    • Cutting out the distributors and retailers let’s you provide high quality at affordable prices
  • 21:40 – Why just selling on Amazon doesn’t grow your brand
  • 23:40 – The Pros of launching your brand on kickstarter
    • It forces you to clearly define your business identity
    • The connect you have with the backers allows you to get the best feedback for FREE
  • 28:21 – Strategies to get traction on your kickstarter campaign
    • It starts with your family and friends
    • Use rewards that will help you tap your network to the full
    • The press will only write about you once you’ve got the traction
  • 43:48 – What you need to know before you back a campaign on kickstarter
  • 46:45 – LIV Watches brand DNA – Build Connections!
    • Why their customers are 40% likely to come back and buy again
    • Personalised communication – we write our own emails
    • Connections gives you all the feedback you need
    • Aim to make the customer want to own all of your products!
  • 49:40 – The evolution of using Kickstarter through all their campaigns
  • 51:25 – Tips to launch successful kickstarter campaigns
    Create the “want”

    • Warm up the target audience and create buzz
    • Leverage landing pages to collect emails
    • Marketing should start at least 4 weeks before launch
    • Always aim to make a profit
  • 58:00 – Creating strong “connections” with your fans
    • Use very personal language and messaging
    • “Customer is dirty word”
    • Focus on creating relationships, not customers
  • 60:05 – Their top 2 most effective communication channels
  • 64:50 – How to automate communication without losing the personal touch
    • Create multiple segments of your audience using data
    • Use customized email flows and messaging for each segment
  • 68:15 – Tech stack:
    • Shopify (Website)
    • Klaviyo (Email marketing & automation)
    • Frontapp (communication hub)
    • Wicked Reports (reporting & tracking customer journey)
  • 71:05 – Why they still call themselves a “microbrand”
  • 78:10 – Lightning Round


  • Having worked in all parts of your product’s industry gives you the insights you need when you want to scale.
  • You have to tap your personal and professional network to get your first crowdfunding campaign going.
  • Don’t try to gain customers, instead focus on building relationships.
  • Building a personal connection with your customers and followers helps you get accurate and actionable feedback.
  • Email marketing is probably the most effective medium for DTC brands. The more accurately you segment your list, the more effective it gets.

Lightning Round:

  • Advice to yourself 5 Years ago:
    • Don’t sweat the small stuff!
  • Are you a morning person? I am (forced to be).
  • Morning routine
    • I go cycling
  • Two things can’t live without –
    • Coffee and my family.
  • Best mistake to date:
    • We’ve had many small setbacks. They’ve mainly taught us to focus on systems.
  • Current book:
    • No books currently. But I listen to podcasts, my favorite one is Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman.

Tweetable Quotes:

“Customer is a dirty word”


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