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Leveraging User Generated Content Marketing for Community Growth and Building Credibility

Posted on 8th November 2018, by Kunle Campbell in Content Marketing for eCommerce

On this episode I interview, Jose Angelo Gallegos, a Silicone Valley-based Content Marketing Strategist and a Social Media Today columnist. Jose goes into details about: The power… Read more


Brand Authenticity, Selling Direct to Consumer and Gaining PR Traction – Oliver Cabell

Posted on 8th December 2016, by Kunle Campbell in Content Marketing for eCommerce

Hi everybody, welcome to the Physical Product Podcast, part of the 2x eCommerce podcast and today, we’re going to be talking about brand authenticity and… Read more


The 3 Types of Listicles Content Marketers Can Learn from BuzzFeed

Posted on 28th October 2014, by Kunle Campbell in Content Marketing for eCommerce 3 Listicle Types to Learn from BuzzFeed

There is something about articles formated in a list format that begin with numbers  – people just seem to effortlessly consume, like, read and share them more. Publishing and Media companies have capitalised on the list format for decades, if not the last century. Reader’s Digest, Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan,  and other magazines were publishing ‘list-articles’ way back, before the internet was even around. Even the Bible’s ’10 Commandments’ are a list. Buzzfeed has proved that the Listicle List-article format works in a


33 SEO Tips for New Bloggers

Posted on 17th October 2013, by Kunle Campbell in Content Marketing for eCommerce

A good friend of mine recently started a fashion blog and asked me for SEO tips. I had so much to say that I have decided to spin my response into this blog post. Here is what I had to say:


30 Places to Promote and Generate More Traffic to Your Blog Posts

Posted on 31st October 2012, by Kunle Campbell in Content Marketing for eCommerce

  To produce a quality blog post you spend hours researching, writing, rewriting, searching for, or even creating your own graphics. Eventually all this hard work pays out and the result of a really good piece of content but this just half of it. In order to share that exceptional work of yours with as many people as possible, you need to promote it. What is the point of being awesome if no one knows? Here are some tips that