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Using Direct Marketing Principles To Sell More On Amazon w/ Kevin King

Posted on 22nd December 2016, by Kunle Campbell in Strategy

On this episodes of the Physical Product Business Podcast, I interview Kevin King –  a physical product Amazon entrepreneurs currently turning over over $1 million / year… Read more


Essential Elements in Your Ecommerce Checkout (hint: focus on MOBILE) – PART 1

Posted on 12th December 2016, by Kunle Campbell in Strategy

Hello, this is Kunle Campbell of the 2x eCommerce podcast, show, the podcast show dedicated to strategic growth for online retailers. You can ask me… Read more


This is what happens when Kim Kardashian Endorses Your Brand – LuMee case

Posted on 3rd November 2016, by Kunle Campbell in Strategy

My guest on today’s show is playing at the very pinnacle in the influencer marketing space: celebrity endorsements. He has had Kim Kardashian on several occasions… Read more


EVELO Sell Innovative Electric Bikes Direct to Consumer (D2C) w/ Boris Mordkovich

Posted on 18th June 2016, by Kunle Campbell in Strategy

I love when a business sells their own branded products direct-to-consumer. And I especially love direct-to-consumer product businesses that go against the grain to potentially… Read more


How David Braun Built an 8-figure Digital Products Business – Template Monster

Posted on 22nd April 2016, by Kunle Campbell in Strategy

This is the first time we’ve had someone who sells digital products for an e-commerce website on the show. You would have most likely heard… Read more


How Bikini Luxe Drive Sales from Social Media Content and Influencers w/ Candice Galek

Posted on 26th February 2016, by Kunle Campbell in Strategy

Candice Galek, who is also fondly known as the ‘Bikini Geek’, is the founder of Bikini Luxe, online retailers specialising in designer bikinis, women’s fashion… Read more


A Data Driven Approach to Selecting Brick & Mortar or Pop-up Retail Store Locations w/ IdealSpot’s Bryan Eisenberg

Posted on 10th February 2016, by Kunle Campbell in Strategy

Bryan Eisenberg is the Founder and CMO of IdealSpot, as well as a leading go-to expert in e-commerce. Several years ago, in consulting for e-commerce,… Read more


Raising Funding for Ecommerce Startups w/ Igor Shoifot, Investment Partner at TMT Investments, VC Investor in LeTote, ScentBird, Wanelo

Posted on 2nd February 2016, by Kunle Campbell in Strategy

You may have heard many of our previous guests on this show, as a founder or co-founder, sharing their insights about raising venture capital from investors…. Read more


CRO: The Growth Strategy That’s Being Ignored w/ PRWD’s Paul Rouke

Posted on 1st February 2016, by Kunle Campbell in Strategy

UK’s #1 conversion rate optimisation agency, PRWD have just published a book on CRO titled ‘A Story Of Untapped Potential: The Growth Strategy That’s Being Ignored’. On this episode of the… Read more


eCommerce Marketing Trends and Predictions in 2016

Posted on 12th January 2016, by Kunle Campbell in Strategy

The ecommerce landscape was incredibly exciting and dynamic in 2015. Social media and mobile commerce really took off and are now at the verge of maturity. A lot more focus was placed on conversion rate optimisation by ecommerce managers and all major technology providers announced either ecommerce specific features or products dedicated to online retail. Here is a summary of some major announcements: The new Apple TV supports online shopping using its e-commerce apps Facebook introduced Facebook messenger for business to a limited