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How Naked Wines’ Acquires and Retains Customers

Posted on 19th June 2015, by Kunle Campbell in Strategy

Naked Wines is a truly innovative brand and one that I, both as a customer and as a marketer, greatly admire. From a customer’s perspective, they relentlessly infuse dynamism into their business and are a genuinely friendly voice in the overly sniffy wine retail segment. Putting on my marketing hat, their website’s user experience (UX) proves extremely strong in the area of persuasive psychology; their copywriting — on-site and within customer communications — is crisply written, with an easily identifiable tone of voice to go along with it. They also consistently


eCommerce Marketing Tips to Cash-In on Mother’s Day

Posted on 8th March 2015, by Kunle Campbell in Strategy

Mother’s day falls on March 15 this year (in the UK and Ireland), and May 10th (in the United States and Canada). For consumers, it’s a day of last-minute scrambles – one of the busiest days of the year for supermarket chocolate aisles and petrol-station flower stands. But marketers can’t afford to approach such a potential payday in this haphazard manner. Mother’s Day is one of the biggest gift-buying holidays of the year, so it’s important to go into the


How Omni-Channel Brands Can Harness the Power of Amazon

Posted on 19th February 2015, by Nathan Grimm in Strategy

Amazon has long been a large and growing presence in the retail landscape. Its rapid growth continues as Amazon recently cracked the list of top 10 U.S. retail stores. In addition to impressive sales growth Amazon has grown as a product search engine, capturing many more product searches than Google. It is a destination for consumers to research products, read reviews, and compare prices. The numbers clearly demonstrate that Amazon is a large opportunity for increased sales but an omni-channel


Valentines Day Marketing Campaigns of 30 UK Multichannel Retailers

Posted on 17th February 2015, by Kunle Campbell in Strategy

Over the weekend, I was curious to find out how top UK retailers executed their Valentines Day digital marketing campaigns. So I checked out the Valentine’s Day landing page of 30 multichannel retailers, took notes on any special features in their valentines day campaigns and also took notes their URLs (for SEO). I hope this article forms a reference point for other retailers’ valentines day digital marketing campaigns in the future. House of Fraser Amazon UK Argos Boots John Lewis Debenhams Marks & Spencer Asda


eCommerce Marketing Trends and Predictions in 2015

Posted on 22nd January 2015, by Kunle Campbell in Strategy

2014 saw online retail sales grow by 20% across the globe, a 17% rise in the U.S and an equally impressive 14% growth in the UK (with £104 billion spent online in UK). Bricks-and-mortar retail saw more integration with both digital and mobile.  A purely digital currency, Bitcoin, took a significant hit in value, which may be an indication of its maturity. And eCommerce marketers matched their channel-agnostic, experience-oriented consumers by focusing on Omnichannel sales, marketing and logistics. While 2014 saw a lot of new beginnings, where


Online Retail: Cross-Channel, Multi-Channel, Omni-Channel Marketing

Posted on 22nd December 2014, by Kunle Campbell in Strategy Cross Channel vs Multi-Channel vs Omni-Channel

Businesses are moving toward a cross-channel or multi-channel approach to sales. But what do these much-bandied terms really mean, and more importantly, are they what customers really want? The majority of customers say they want a seamlessly integrated shopping experience, where the same purchase can be completed over multiple channels without obstructions or jarring changes between channels. And an equally large majority of retailers aren’t getting it. This seamless experience is called omni-channel selling, and that’s what we’re going to


eCommerce Essential Guide to Compete and Beat Amazon

Posted on 9th September 2014, by Kunle Campbell in Strategy

As an e-tailer, you are likely swimming with a shark. Amazon is huge and getting bigger all the time. Sure, when I say ‘Amazon’, I partly mean any given ‘big box brand‘ ecommerce store like Tesco, Walmart or Toys R Us. But considering Amazon’s tendency to either eat or kill smaller fish, its exponential growth rate and it’s vast near infinite amount of inventory – it’s also the number one competitor for almost any consumer-ecommerce business. So how do you cope? As an ecommerce entrepreneur, how