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A Data Driven Approach to Selecting Brick & Mortar or Pop-up Retail Store Locations w/ IdealSpot’s Bryan Eisenberg

Posted on: 10th February 2016

Bryan Eisenberg is the Founder and CMO of IdealSpot, as well as a leading go-to expert in e-commerce. Several years ago, in consulting for e-commerce,… Read more

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Raising Funding for Ecommerce Startups w/ Igor Shoifot, Investment Partner at TMT Investments, VC Investor in LeTote, ScentBird, Wanelo

Posted on: 02nd February 2016

You may have heard many of our previous guests on this show, as a founder or co-founder, sharing their insights about raising venture capital from investors…. Read more

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CRO: The Growth Strategy That’s Being Ignored w/ PRWD’s Paul Rouke

Posted on: 01st February 2016

UK’s #1 conversion rate optimisation agency, PRWD have just published a book on CRO titled ‘A Story Of Untapped Potential: The Growth Strategy That’s Being Ignored’. On this episode of the… Read more

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How to Monitor Your Competitors’ Prices with Prisync’s Burc Tanir

Posted on: 24th January 2016

For many e-commerce retailers in a crowded market, price monitoring can become an issue. How do you monitor and keeping track of prices and price… Read more

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How Stowaway Cosmetics Raised Seed Capital from Gary Vaynerchuk, Jason Calacanis and 20+ Investors

Posted on: 19th January 2016

Today’s guest  is Julie Fredrickson – she’s the CEO and co-founder of Stowaway Cosmetics, a venture-backed direct to consumer cosmetics company that retail their own right-sized makeup… Read more

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How Yacht Harbour grew from 0 to 42,000 Instagram followers in 12 months

Posted on: 17th January 2016

I am super excited to introduce my youngest guest on the show so far. Dimitri Semenikhin is a highly talented 19 year old entrepreneur. Last… Read more

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Turning Ecommerce Customers to Advocates and Influencers w/ AddShoppers’ Chad Ledford

Posted on: 14th January 2016

Social media is increasingly altering the face of e-commerce and marketing. Chad Ledford is situated at the forefront of this change as co-founder of AddShoppers,… Read more

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How SEO Friendly is Magento 2.0? with Vitaly Gonkov, MageWorx

Posted on: 10th January 2016

This episode of of 2X eCommerce Podcast Show continues our exploration of the new Magento version 2.0 and joining me is Vitaly Gonkov, the Chief… Read more

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Backtracking on my 2015 Ecommerce Predictions and How I Fared…

Posted on: 31st December 2015

So at the start of the year I made some bold predictions about the outlook of ecommerce in 2015. To be more precise, I made… Read more

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How Fashion Etailers, Linjer Successfully Raised $500,000 through Crowdfunding on Kickstarter & Indiegogo

Posted on: 29th December 2015

Jennifer Chong and Roman Khan saw a clear gap in the market and set out to change an industry by raising capital and launching their… Read more

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