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TrueFacet: How Tirath is Building a ‘Controlled Marketplace’ Handling & Vetting Physical Products

Posted on: 07th April 2017

TrueFacet is a New York-based online marketplace for authentic pre-owned designer watches and jewellery from the most luxury of brands like Cartier, Bulgari, Patek Philippe,… Read more

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How this Marketer 10X’d Product Sales with the Classic 4P’s of Marketing Framework

Posted on: 31st March 2017

On this episode, we are joined by Trevor Longino; he was the Head of Marketing & PR at a video games online retail store, GOG.com…. Read more

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How Selling to National Retailers can Scale the Growth of Your Physical Product Brand

Posted on: 24th March 2017

Yohan Jacob is the President and Founder of Retailbound, Inc., a full-service retail consulting agency based in Chicago. He has been consulting in retail for… Read more


How this Entrepreneur Built a Thriving Vodka brand with NBA Player Dennis Rodman

Posted on: 08th March 2017

I often get questions about how to partner up with celebrities and brands for endorsement deals and merchandised products. What better way to answer them… Read more


How Daisy Spun off ‘Banish’, a 7-figure Beauty Product Business from her YouTube Channel

Posted on: 25th February 2017

Daisy Jing started out as a YouTuber with no intentions of building a physical product business. She felt that having a YouTube channel was her way… Read more


My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear: How to Think outside of the Box with an Emotional Product

Posted on: 17th February 2017

On today’s episode, we are joined by Purusha Rivera, founder of My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear. A very brilliant line of teddy bear products that lets… Read more


What this Entrepreneur Learnt after his Sports and Energy Drink Product Failed

Posted on: 16th February 2017

Almost every episode on 2X eCommerce to date has focused business success but today’s episode breaks the mould by talking about a product failure and… Read more


Using Movie & Entertainment Licensing to Launch and Sell More Physical Products: Disney, Sony, DC, Marvel…

Posted on: 15th February 2017

Welcome to another episode of the Physical Product Business podcast. Our focus on today’s episode is on how to use movie and entertainment licensing to… Read more


Brand Licensing ~ How Elyse Successfully Launched Products for House of Marley, Four Paws

Posted on: 19th January 2017

On today’s episode, I am joined by Elyse Kaye, founder of AHA! Product Solutions and an expert in developing physical products from concept right through… Read more


How Food brand, Slawsa was Launched into 8,000 Grocery Chains & Restaurants

Posted on: 29th December 2016

On today’s episode, we have Julie Busha on – she is the Founder of Slawsa, a hybrid cabbage cased relish condiment that uniquely combines a… Read more