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EPISODE P09 40 mins

My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear: How to Think outside of the Box with an Emotional Product

Posted on 17th February 2017 ,
by Kunle Campbell

About the guests

Purusha Rivera

Kunle Campbell

Purusha Rivera is the founder of My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear, she has a 13-year old boy and girl twins and a 3 year old son. Together with her husband, they run the business My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear.

On today’s episode, we are joined by Purusha Rivera, founder of My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear. A very brilliant line of teddy bear products that lets expecting parents record their baby’s heartbeat for keepsake.

Unlike the previous experts that I have interviewed on the Physical Product Business Podcast, Purusha did not start online. She started selling her products to OB-GYNE clinics.
Which goes to show how looking for experts around in local area that can help you market the product may be a really good idea to kick things off.


In this episode you will learn about:

  • Starting a product from scratch until seeing it complete.
  • How licensing is an integral part of every product.
  • How to partner with a factory that can manufacture your product.
  • How to choose between the possible factories, what factors to look at.
  • How to really know your product.

Guest’s Top Tips:

  1. Thinking outside of the box: look for experts within your area who can help you get things done, or who can help you get your products out there.
  2. Make use of social media, Facebook ads, buyable pins on Pinterest and Google Adwords are some that you can try.
  3. Provide something that will protect your customers, like an app to serve as a backup of their recording in case something happens with the first one. Get ahead of your product and provide a solution for problems that may occur.
  4. Get support from your family. Nothing beats having a support system that you can rely on when things get tough.
  5. If you set up products on Amazon, a good place to start is Amazon Prime, because people usually go straight to Amazon Prime when browsing.

Parting Advice – The Lightning Round

Future Plans

She plans to expand her product range and get more OB-GYNE and hospitals.

Hiring People

She hires by her gut feeling.

Indispensable Tools

A good team.

Best Mistake

It’s hard to have to design and manufacture an animal that turns out to be appealing only to them and not the market.

Books Or Resources

Anybody with knowledge on the same business.

Key Takeaways (with timestamps)

(9:27) Even the tough problems, you’ll figure it out, you’ll make it work.
(12:15) Social media is still a great way to market. Facebook, paid and organic, Pinterest and make use of Google Adwords.
(14:35) It is always nice to have people around you who support you.
(23:07) Make sure that you have the best quality in the market, the cutest, along with your superb customer service.
(26:23) Look for the easiest way for someone to get a hold of your product and to get this done.
(28:35) Regarding copycats, just provide the best quality and the best service.

About the host:

Kunle Campbell

An ecommerce advisor to ambitious, agile online retailers and funded ecommerce startups seeking exponentially sales growth through scalable customer acquisition, retention, conversion optimisation, product/market fit optimisation and customer referrals.

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