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EPISODE 262 35 mins

Using Customer Psychographics for 1:1 eCommerce Personalisation

About the guests

Aadith Moorthy

Kunle Campbell

Aadith is the founder & CEO of Radial, a company that helps brands to personalize content to every customer’s personality. He is a serial entrepreneur in Artificial Intelligence, and he founded Radial in 2019 in response to a need that he himself experienced in his previous company.

Aadith is a Stanford Knight-Hennessy Scholar and also holds a Master’s degree from Stanford and undergraduate degrees from the California Institute of Technology.

On today’s episode, Kunle is joined by Aadith Moorthy, Founder & CEO of Radial, a 1-year old Deep learning & AI startup based in the San Francisco Bay area . Aadith is a Stanford Knight-Hennessy Scholar, and shares his insights about the future of 1:1 personalisation.


Picture this: You walk into a big store which has all sorts of products. But instead of having to browse all the aisles to find what you want, what if all the products you are likely to be interested in are neatly arranged in a special rack just for you? That is the potential power of using AI and Psychographics in eCommerce.


Whether you are on social media or Netflix or Amazon. The content you see is personalised to your history, interests and other data points, and it is meant to predict what you are likely to see and buy. 1:1 personalisation is here to stay, and is going to get more and more integrated in all external interactions we have. It is the future of targeting your customers and increasing sales.


In this episode, you will get to understand how Psychographics are built and used to personalise content and increase sales. Tune in to get a sneak peek at the future of personalisation and targeting for DTC and eCommerce brands.


Here is a summary of some of the most important points made,

  • Showing personalized and relevant content can boost sales by up to 20%
  • Psychographic profiles can be built from Structured and Unstructured data
  • It is possible to segment a new customer in real-time using browser data
  • Covid has accelerated development of AI-based targeting due to higher adoption

Covered Topics:

On today’s interview Kunle and Aadith discuss,

  • Using AI for targeting
  • Psychographics for personalisation
  • Building Personality scores
  • Heuristic models
  • Personality Identifiers used


  • 08:50 – A bit about Aadith and Radial
    • The goal is to better understand your customers/visitors
    • Showing personalized and relevant content can boost sales by up to 20%
  • 10:20 – What are Psychographics used for?
  • 12:15 – How does Radial help businesses?
    • Data platform to segment customers
  • 13:00 – Common use-cases at the moment:
    • On-site personalisation
    • Product recommendations
    • Personalised search results
  • 16:00 – What does a psychographic profile look like?
    • Quantitative – giving percentages to attributes like Extrovert, Impulsive buyer, etc
    • Assigning personality score
  • 17:30 – How does AI identify individuals
    • Using Deep learning models to predict personality using content you’ve written or searches you’ve done
    • Sentiment analysis
  • 20:25 – What type of data points are used?
    • Structured data (used by Google/FaceBook)
    • Unstructured data like tweets, blogs or searches
  • 23:20 – How Heuristic models help segment individuals with low online presence:
    • Extract data from your browser and personalise using their heuristic
    • Based on your data you’re assigned to one of 100,000 buckets
  • 27:40 – As you use multiple Radial websites, you get better personalisation
  • 28:50 – Primary identifiers:
    • Heuristics
    • Location
    • Browser activity
  • 31:00 – The future goal is to make every touchpoint personalised


  • Showing personalized and relevant content can boost sales by up to 20%
  • You can segment a new customer in real-time using browser data and heuristics

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“Deep learning is the most cutting-edge form of machine learning and AI.”

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