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EPISODE 252 81 mins

How DTC Floral Brand, Bouqs Grew From An Idea to $1B in Lifetime Revenue

About the guests

John Tabis

Kunle Campbell

John is a Founder and Chairman of the Board at The Bouqs Company, an award winning ecommerce floral delivery service fundamentally disrupting the global $100B industry in both supply chain and consumer experience.

On today’s episode, Kunle interviews John Tabis, a Co-Founder of Bouqs, a 9-figure, sustainable direct-to-consumer business serving the floral vertical.

They are venture-backed with $74M+ raised and are the 7th biggest company to be featured on the TV show, Shark Tank.
Kunle and John discuss Bouqs’ DTC journey from ideation 8 years ago to their current omnichannel retail fluidity model.
They are cut-to-order online flower delivery business with roots in sustainability.

Covered Topics:

On today’s interview Kunle and Moshe discuss,

  • Funding an ecommerce business
  • Technology being an great enabler to differentiation and scale
  • Post pandemic DTC landscape
  • Why storytelling should be deeply engrained in all market communications
  • Complexity of teams as a company is scaled
  • Perishable supply chains


  • 10:00 – John’s career path to Bouqs
  • 13:02 – How Bouqs was started – Direct to consumer from the farmer
  • 18:16 – Complex supply chain working 140 farms across the world
  • 19:00 – Initial seed capital – friends and family round of $13,000 ($4,000 each co-founder and $5,000 from others)
  • 21:12 – Limitless opportunities in DTC eCommerce ($75 million raised)
    • No dominating online retailers so far
    • Supply chain disruption matched with segment or value proposition
    • Supply chain hypothesis, 3PL, marketplace, dropship, omnichannel
    • Segment target: young women, older women, pet food, goth
    • No Amazon killers so far in 2020
  • 24:30 – Post-pandemic DTC customer experience
  • 27:35 – Bouq’s Cayambe volcano ‘origin story’
  • 31:30 – How the Bouq’s story has evolved
  • 37:30 – Email capture and a referral program are the two fundamental actions every ecommerce start-up should take – Drip campaign that communicates your value-proposition (set it and forget)
  • 41:00 – Shark Tank journey and impact on Bouqs, for reach, (from UCLA alumni email update)
  • 45:32 – Sold hundreds of thousands of dollars in minutes
    • FAQ on the website
    • 7.5 million reach
  • 48:30 – With Series A, $6m funding how did the business change?
    • New HQ
    • 6 -18 Team, with COO, Direct of Marketing
    • Marketing expenses went up by 10X
    • More complexity
    • $24M raised in Series C
  • 54:16 Majority non-subscription business
  • 56:00 The expectation of the utility of cash from a VC
    • Raise money for a purpose at every funding round
    • Series A – foundational and marketing budget basics (sweepstakes, diy PR, affiliate marketing)
    • Series B – could be full-on marketing due to product market fit
    • Series C – expand supply chain from Ecuador, de-risk existing supply chain.
  • 53:00 – How marketing changed with $24M Series C vs $6M Series A
  • 1:02:00 – TV commercial
  • 1:05:00 – Podcasting and radio
  • 1:08:00 – Impact of COVID on DTC
    • Arbitrage opportunity to get free clicks on Facebook
  • 1:09:30 – Outdoor billboard advertising experience
  • 1:10:55 – Evolution of Bouqs Tech Stack (at 8 yrs old)
    • Perishable product supply chain platform
    • 25 tech team out of 85 staff member
  • 1:14:00 – Tech Stack
    • Ecommerce Platform: Workarea (customised)
    • Email Service Provider (EST): Sailthru
    • Subscription engine (in-house)


  • In Facebook advertising, do not limit the amount of signals because without enough data to analyse, it just collides.
  • It’s much easier to consume an ad if you have the graphics to support the story rather than subtitles.

Lightning Round:

  • Advice to yourself 5 Years ago:
    • Build for tomorrow rather than today
  • Are you a morning person? Not a morning person
  • Morning routine
    • struggle to get up,
    • kids wake him up,
    • 1 hour gym workout + email over workout
    • Shower and set out to work
  • Two things can’t live without –
    • Ben and Jerrys ice cream (brownie batter core, microwave for 10 secs), 1 pint a week and the beach.
  • Best mistake to date:
    • thought they didn’t need to heavily invest in tech – tech is actually a great enablers
  • Current book:
    • no book but last book was, “Radical Candor, Kim Scott”

Tweetable Quotes:

“Buying a single local cable spot during the super bowl was actually surprisingly cheap – we spent $10,000 – $15,000”

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