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EPISODE 217 71 mins

Scaling a Direct-to-Consumer Brand with Social Media Advertising

About the guests

Erin Corn

Kunle Campbell

Erin Corn is the founder of Shorebird Media, a digital marketing agency that helps online businesses grow and scale. Previously, Erin was an early hire (employee 40!) at Instagram, and was instrumental in the global rollout of their advertising solutions. She has also worked on the display teams at Amazon and Facebook.

In this episode, Kunle welcomes Erin Corn founder of Shorebird Media, a digital marketing agency that helps online businesses grow and scale. Erin walks us through her experience and expertise from starting at Instagram to founding her own business. Tune in as she drops a ton of value bombs on paid social, ads and campaigns, tips and tactics, and more on marketing your online businesses.

Covered Topics:

  • Erin’s Background
  • About Paid Social
  • Social Media Platforms and Viability
  • The Importance of Your Email List
  • Audience Questions & Answers
  • Tips on Black Friday
  • To-Do in 2020

Podcast Show Notes:

  • 01:28 – Get The Ultimate Guide for Crushing Holiday Revenue Targets at Klaviyo
  • 02:47 – Today’s Guest: Erin Corn
  • 05:17 – Erin’s background starting in Instagram
    • Leaving Amazon to founding her own business, Shorebird Media
    • Erin helps businesses from strategy to campaigns
  • 08:05 – All About Paid Social
    • What’s working right now on FB Ads
    • Making ads an immersive experience to the audience
    • Bringing people together in relevance
  • 12:26 – Erin’s take on Media Buying vs Creatives
    • Facebook’s algorithm makes testing simple
    • The 15-second video ads
  • 18:40 – Amazon’s viability as a platform
    • “Amazon is a sleeping giant”
    • Erin shares what works well in using Amazon as an advertiser
  • 23:33 – How Facebook is dealing with the competition
    • Looking at other marketing channels to scale
    • The highest converters are email subscribers
  • 27:14 – Erin’s Tips in Facebook Advertising
    • Return on ad spend
    • Looking at metrics as a business
  • 29:34 – The importance of nurturing your email list
  • 34:28 – Erin’s prediction on WhatsApp
  • 37:34 – The ‘Stories’ format and using it in your funnel
    • It works well for remarketing and on top to mid-funnel
  • 40:48 – Question from Mike: How do you tackle page score?
    • Facebook takes user feedback seriously
    • Be thoughtful with your ads, both past, and future
  • 43:57 – Question on finding a price point related to your ads
    • Look at your targeting before thinking of changing your prices
  • 49:36 – Erin’s Tips on Black Friday
    • Prepare early
    • Black Friday is not a one-shot sale
    • Be smart in allocating your budget
    • Teaser ads and exclusives can be used for follow-ups too
  • 53:04 – Excluding People in the Funnel
    • Exclude website visitors from cold audiences
    • Exclude people who added to cart in the past 14 days for DPA campaigns
  • 59:30 – What You Should Do in 2020
    • Do the work even before starting the ads
  • 01:01:30 – Erin advises and provides creative services
  • 01:06:55 – Kunle points that there have been less dynamic creatives
  • 01:09:21 – The Lightning Round
    • What would you advise yourself 5 years ago? — “Take more risks”
    • Are you a morning person? — “Yes”
    • What’s your daily morning routine? — “Getting woken up by my 2-year old and drinking a lot of coffee”
    • What are the two things you can’t live without? — “Coffee and my laptop”
    • What book are you currently reading? — “Educated

Topic Takeaways:

  • Look at other marketing channels as a business to assist you in scaling.
  • Growing and nurturing your email list is really important.
  • Having your metrics nailed down is critical in a business’s success.
  • Be consistent in communication especially with people in your email list.

Tweetable Quotes:

Tweet “Advertisers are really playing the idea of making it [ads] a more immersive experience, even if it is an advertisement.


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About the host:

Kunle Campbell

An ecommerce advisor to ambitious, agile online retailers and funded ecommerce startups seeking exponentially sales growth through scalable customer acquisition, retention, conversion optimisation, product/market fit optimisation and customer referrals.

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