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EPISODE 168 47 mins

This CYBER WEEK Facebook Ads Campaign Generated $400,000 and a ROAS of 7

About the guests

Kris Sugatan

Kunle Campbell

Kris is the founder of one of the fastest growing Facebook Advertising agencies, Sugatan, generating $1.4 million in global revenue in just 5 months for eCommerce SMBs. She has led her team & agency to grow 10x and is on track to hit 7-figures in revenue in just under a year.

On this episode, we interview a Kris Sugatan, a Facebook marketing expert that helped a women’s clothing brand generate $400k in sales with 7.14x ROAS over CYBER WEEK

They executed the campaign in 4 steps:

1. Hyped customers up before the actual sales.
They created a landing page for the VIP customers and a messenger bot sequence.
People who wanted to get an additional 10% discount during the black week had to either enter their email address or click on the image of our JSON ad.
After they clicked on the messenger, they had to comment “I want in” so they subscribe to our messenger bot.
Once they subscribed either by email or messenger, they were sent 2 follow up messages prior to the black weekand 2 messages during the VIP sale(which was live from Monday to Wednesday).
On the first day of the sale, they made $140,000 in revenue spending only $4,000 on ads.

2. Created an event for “Black Week”
by posting similar content as to in the emails and messenger bot.
Since event updates are shown on the notification tab, customers were hit by us everywhere

3. During the black week, they ran Campaign Budget Optimised (CBO) Campaigns running.
They split the campaigns into warm and cold audiences.
80% of  budget was allocated to our warm audience (engaged with FB, IG, Website Visitors, past purchasers etc.)
ROAS from the warm audience was over 10x after the entire week.
For the cold audience, they dedicated 20% of their budget. It wasn’t converting too well, but it was still profitable. 5x+ ROAS.
They noticed that CPMs for warm audiences didn’t increase as much during the whole week, but for the cold audience, it increased 2-3x.
Which leads us to the preparation stage.

4. 2 months prior to the sale they scaled up our ad spend from 20-30k/monthly to 50-60k/monthly.
Their main goal was to increase the size of their warm audience and, of course, to at least breakeven (3x ROAS) or even be profitable.
So by increasing the size of our warm audience, they had more people to advertise to with a lower price during the black week.

Connect with Kris on sugatan.io.


3:06 Kris Sugatan intro
5:18 What kind of ecommerce business do you work with?
6:33 How many campaigns did you work on over the Black Friday?
7:59 How much did you spend on this campaign and what kind of revenue did you realize?
10:23 The audience
14:00 What do you do once they subscribe to the messenger bot sequence on the landing page?
20:44 How CBO works?
28:22 How many ads did you run per ad set?
34:05 What do you do post Black Friday?
36:54 Who choose the creatives?


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Kunle Campbell

An ecommerce advisor to ambitious, agile online retailers and funded ecommerce startups seeking exponentially sales growth through scalable customer acquisition, retention, conversion optimisation, product/market fit optimisation and customer referrals.

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