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EPISODE 119 42 mins

SHOP Blockchain Protocol Aims to Decentralise Retail & Give Shoppers Full Control Over their Data

Posted on 21st March 2018 ,
by Kunle Campbell

About the guests

John Wantz

Kunle Campbell

John Wantz is the co-founder of blockchain technology specifically for e-commerce. The blockchain protocol runs on Ethereum. The purpose of the technology is to change the way online retail is done on Amazon from a front-end perspective.

On today’s episode, we are going to learning about a new retail-focused blockchain protocol that aims to decentralise Retail on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The name of the protocol is $HOP or SHOP and a Co-Founder, John Wantz joins me to talk about how the protocol aims to decentralise retail and ecommerce.

The protocol will provide Shoppers and retail brands access to the SHOP decentralized data marketplace. Shoppers will be provided with a SHOP Token enabled wallet that will be used in on $HOP enabled ecommerce stores. At the point of sale, Shoppers will be able to pass on their shopping data to stores in exchange for incentives, rewards and rebates.

Retail brands, on the other hand, can use the $HOP decentralised data marketplace to promote their products to across multiple marketplaces and get a more consolidated view of each of their opted-in customers’ buying patterns from the decentralised data marketplace.

They are currently on public pre-sale ICO here:

Their pre-sale ICO ends April 29th, and then their Public ICO begins on May 14th.


06.20   Who is John Wantz?

08.00   Describe the SHOP protocol

12.52   What will shopping look like with SHOP going forward?

13.46   What would marketplaces need to change when they adopt the SHOP protocol?

15.53   How does the protocol benefit brands and consumers?

20.02   Since major retailers are not collaborative, where is your market?

23.20   At what point should brands consider the SHOP protocol and what benefits will it provide to help them grow and hit their targets sales wise?

25.59   What are the data points the brand will provide the SHOP protocol?

27.19   What will the protocol do with the data?

29.42   What will customers see from a front-end perspective?

35.41   How will you value the token?


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About the host:

Kunle Campbell

An ecommerce advisor to ambitious, agile online retailers and funded ecommerce startups seeking exponentially sales growth through scalable customer acquisition, retention, conversion optimisation, product/market fit optimisation and customer referrals.

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