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Shopping Cart Recovery with Facebook

Posted on 28th November 2016, by Kunle Campbell in Order Value

Welcome to episode 03. Today, I will be talking about shopping cart recovery using Facebook retargeting. Are you doing it? I have been doing it… Read more


5 Ways of Using the URGENCY Psychology Trigger to Drive More eCommerce Sales

Posted on 24th February 2015, by Kunle Campbell in Order Value

Urgency is quite a powerful psychological tool to encourage and trigger purchase. Urgency is also a key way of overcoming sales objections. Building it into sales pitches is marketing and salesmanship 101. Building it into sales is almost the point of a sale – just look at the recent furore over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with their limited-time-only sales triggering scenes of customers stay up all night in queues to get in first and grab those bargains quick. If you manage an ecommerce site, how


7 Tips To Maximize The Effectiveness of Exit Intent Popups

Posted on 5th December 2014, by Csaba Zajdo in Order Value

Did you know you could be missing on a massive opportunity to convert more site visitors and increase sales by not actively growing your online store’s email subscription list? There’s a new digital marketing technology, called “exit-intent popups”, that helps site owners and administrators improve their conversion rate by displaying a message to visitors as they are about to leave your site.


6 Ecommerce Exit-Intent Popup Platforms for Email List Building

Posted on 24th September 2014, by Kunle Campbell in Order Value

The internet is awash with window shoppers; casual browsers who just happen to be dropping by your store with little or no intention of purchasing at the particular moment in time, but who may just as well make a purchase at some point in future. Do you some how wish to engage with these sort of visitors – getting in a micro-conversion by at least managing to get their email addresses to help kick off an email marketing courtship that could